December 2014
Southfield Mezzanine Capital Announces Investment in Confluent Health, LLC

GREENWICH, Conn., December 18, 2014 — We are pleased to announce that Southfield Mezzanine Capital has closed on a $10 million mezzanine debt facility for Confluent Health, LLC. Confluent Health is a provider of outpatient physical therapy services via 24 clinics located in Texas and North Carolina. The company also performs for-profit physical therapist training and education (branded as Evidence In Motion) and on-site assessment and training at corporations to reduce workplace injuries (branded as Fit For Work). Our investment supported the consolidation of the company under Confluent Health to maximize synergies between the business units and position the company for further expansion. The investment was made out of our recently licensed SBIC, which manages approximately $100 million of capital.


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